Monday, May 15, 2017

1 share of amazon would be worth $11,500 today

20 years ago, on this day, a small etailer went public. A little known book store with a few million in revenue, was listed at $18 a pop.
If you had $18 lying around and purchased a stock on that day (ignore commission for a minute), it would be worth a whooping $11,500 today.
The stock split three separate times, so one share became two, became 6 and eventually 12.

If you were crazy enough to make a $2,000 bet on amazon 20 years ago, and never sold a single share - you would be an amazon millionaire. That $2,000 would be worth  $1,277,300 today. The interesting part is that the stock still has some more room to grow.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Free $10 amazon credit

This might be targeted, so check your amazon account if you are a amazon prime member and your default card is anything other than a discover card.

Just by setting your default card to discover, amazon will apply a $10 credit to your account which can be used right away. You obviously don't have to use the discover card to pay for your orders, you can always chose another card at check out.

It is a free $10 for a couple of clicks in my opinion. You can go back tomorrow and change your default credit card back to whatever you were using.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Passive Income Update - April 2017

The first month of the quarter tends to be on the lower side for the overall portfolio in terms of dividends received. The markets continue to be frothy, so i haven't been investing the dividends back into stocks just yet.

Here is my passive income update for the month of April 2017 -

Taxable Account -

WMT     $6.12
KO         $11.10
MO        $15.86
PM         $20.80
GSK        $6.79
WPC $15.92
BNS $7.15

Total        $83.74

Roth IRA - $15.83

Other* -      $77.00

Total Passive Income for the month - $ 176.57

* The Other category includes items like interest income from Savings Accounts/CD's.

How was your month of April ?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Apple increases dividend by 10.5 %

Apple just released their quarterly numbers, and like clockwork increased their dividend. I was expecting a 20 cent per share raise, but they increased it by 24 cents. The yearly dividend is now $2.52 per share.
An over 10 % dividend raise is great considering that this is not a value stock and the stock value it self has risen over 25% just this year.

I am excited about the upcoming super cycle where they will be releasing the 10th anniversary iPhone.

Apple remains one of my best performing stock picks. Oh and did i mention they have over quarter of a trillion dollars in the bank? Their $250 billion + cash hoard is a fortune 100 company on its own. Mind boggling.