Monday, March 27, 2017

Latest Buy

I have been pretty dormant in terms of my purchases in my taxable account. My opinion is that the market is really hot, and it makes sense to wait for it to cool down before making purchases. That said - there are always companies with some transient issues and they present buying opportunities, so i am still very open to those.

This is part of my automatic 401k (my contribution + employer 3% match) buys. On March 22, i purchased -

VFIAX - $112.50
JMYAX - $309.38
Stable Value Fund - $515.62 (this is more like a money market+bond blend fund)

Total - $937.50

Approximate dividend yield on the index funds is about 2%, so this adds about $8.50 to the annual dividends received in my tax deferred account.


  1. Stable Value Fund? Why would you add money into it in your 401K? I looked @ your portfolio and you already have a solid cash position. I don't understand the need to add to Stable Value Fund.

    1. @dividendGeek - Thanks for reading and sharing your views. I know my overall portfolio seems (and is) very conservative. I am in no way trying to time the market but i do think that we are due for a correction, and hope to deploy some of the cash to buy some shares in my taxable account, and also use some f5unds from the stable value fund to pad the other 2 index funds in the 401k account when there is a correction. In the meantime i do still invest about 45% of my 401k in equities every month.
      Problem is, i have been thinking this way for over 2 years :) Really hoping for some opportunities in the near term.


    2. I hear you there. When S&P 500 reached 1450 (in 2013) I panicked and sold out, the rest is history. I would not mind a little bit of volatility :-)