Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paying less than $6 for movie tickets.

Me and desi girl love to watch movies, it is one of our favorite weekend activities. With the huge movie line up from last summer (Thor,Captain America, Green Lantern, Transformers etc) it can get very expensive for a couple trying to see a movie every other weekend. One movie would normally cost us $23 ($11.5 * 2). I hate to spend that kind of money for tickets (not to mention the $5.5 for a small popcorn and $4 for a small bottle of water).

I started buying ticket packs at the local costco, they sell 2 tickets for $16.5 which takes a few dollars of the original cost of the tickets which is sweet. Buying just a few tickets in a year would be more than enough to take care of our yearly costco membership fees ($50). In august i came across a deal on costco.com, where they were selling a pack of 10 AMC tickets for $62.99 ($82.99 - $20 instant member discount), i literally pounced on that deal :). An AMC ticket for $6.3 meant we would save $5.2 on EVERY ticket or $10.4 every time we went out to watch a movie, sign me up.

Last week costco.com ran the same deal for a couple of days, here is a snapshot -

Needless to say, i purchased another 10 pack set which sets us up for the most part of this year watching movies at $6.3 a pop. What's more i am a member of AMC Stubs, i am not a big fan of this program since they charge you $12 a year just for membership which includes non essential stuff like online stub collection, free upgrades on concessions etc. I was given a one year free trial since i was a previous AMC rewards member, plus early this year they had a promotion where i was able to extend my membership for a year for only $6.

I normally would have opted out, but you earn 1 point for every dollar spend at AMC and get $10 credit for every 100 points earned, which makes this an effective 10% cashback. This is useful to me since i buy a ticket for $6.3 but earn points for the original $11.5 value. So the $63 movie pack gets me another $11.5 in AMC credits after i use them for future use which can be used to buy one ticket at the normal price. Effectively getting me 11 tickets for $62.99 ( $5.73 per ticket). Original cost - $126.5, saving over $60 on something we would do anyway.Not bad at all.

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