Thursday, January 19, 2012

TurboTax Deluxe Fed + EFile + State 2011 PLUS Quicken Starter Edition 2012 For under $20.

I have been using TurboTax for taxes for the last 2 years and both the times i have purchased the deluxe windows download version from amazon for around $45. This is how i ended up getting it for under $20 this year. (If you do not get a price match - your OOP will be around $25).

I found this deal thread on slickdeals and did the following-

1. Get a $25 off $75 Staples coupon at for $1.85
2. Go to and add the TurboTax Deluxe Fed + EFile + State 2011 edition to your cart for $49.99
3. Add the Quicken Starter Edition 2012 to cart for $29.99 (but free because they send a $30 prepaid visa card back via Staples Easy Rebates) Total is now 79.98
4. Add the $25 off $75 coupon .

So this made my total $54.98 after applying the coupon. Under the current promotion I will get a $30 Visa Pre-paid card + a $5 Staples GC in mail (It takes about a minute to enter the information in the Staples easy rebates site). I end up with both Turbo tax Deluxe and the Quicken starter edition + a $5 Staples GC for a total of $24.98. Which is a great deal according to me.

While i was checking out, i checked the price of TurboTax Deluxe on, and it was $39.79 so i did a quick web chat with a staples CS rep. She was ready to Price match and give me a $11 discount, but then i could not use the $25 off coupon since my total cart value was below $75, so i ended up adding a random item for $5.99 so that i could make use of the coupon.(This item had another $ 2 off which was added later on- it is the kleenex tissue box pack of 3 if someone is interested in doing the same)

So, there i ended up getting the TT Deluxe + Quicken + $5 Staples GC + Kleenex tissue boxes for $19.6.
($49.99 + $29.99 + $5.99 - $25.00 - $2.00 = $58.97 - $11.2 price adjustment = $47.77 - $30 + $1.85 = $19.62 )

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