Friday, January 7, 2011

Never be shy to ask !

Happy new year to everyone. I hope 2010 was good for everyone, and 2011 will be much better.

One of my favourite places to eat is chipotle, i am constantly amazed at how i can get the same combination of ingredients and yet not get bored of eating it even after so many years. I guess its the freshness and flavor that they pack in their simple food - which makes it so fresh and tasty every time.

Chipotle is one place though, which never gives discounts, so i was pleasantly amazed when recently a newly opened chipotle sent us a "Buy one get one free" coupon which was valid till dec 31. A combination of being caught up in finishing work, holiday shopping and travel meant i could not go to chipotle before the coupon expired.

We finally ended up going yesterday, and for good measure i took the coupon along just in case. Me and desi girl got our generously filled, flavor loaded burrito bowls and when we got to the counter i see this cashier in not such a good mood - one part of me said "don't mention the coupon - he could end up insulting you for trying to use it even though it says valid till 31st in bold right up front" and that's what desi girl would have told me too, but i still went ahead and slipped him the coupon mentioning that i was away so couldn't use it earlier. He simply said "Fine, i wonder why u didn't use this before" and rang it up for us. So there - this was another case of getting something by asking for it, and not shying away.

That is one thing i believe in - be it finance or any other part of life, there is no way you will find out if you can get something from someone, unless you ask.