Friday, December 17, 2010

Amazon GC from swagbucks

I always read about fellow PF bloggers making additional income online. Some make money off their blog, some do graphic design gigs on the side, take online surveys, use website like ebates and swagbucks. While on their own these things don't help you make a lot of money (except the really popular blogs making blog income), all of the above together add up in the end.

I was aware of sites like ebates,fatwallet etc which give you cash back for buying products from websites using their referral links, but never tried them out. 3 weeks ago,I did however decide to sign up with swagbucks for no particular reason. I used the referral link on me in millions' blog to sign up and have earned enough points already to redeem for 2-$5 gift cards (You can exchange 450 swagbucks for a $5 GC amongst other things).
While this might not seem too much, you need to realize that all i do is do all my web searches using the swagbucks search engine instead of google, the results are not as accurate as google for some complex searches, but most times i get where i want to go using their search tool. I also have taken a few online surveys in my free time, and have earned a cool $10 in under a month.

Sometimes it seems as though you are not getting enough "swag bucks" for your searches etc, but other times without even noticing you keep collecting 11,8 or 12 swag bucks twice or thrice a day. For me this is a no brainer, i would not mind using a search engine which passes on some part of its earnings to me (however small - it is still better than nothing) while occasionally going back to google for other more complex searches.

If you would like to join swagbucks, you can use my referral link here - or the referral box in the side bar.

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